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How can I search my Google Sheet using a single line item?

  • 5 October 2022
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Hey guys,
The aim of using Zapier is to import our Shopify orders into a google spreadsheet and have it update any data that get’s updated in Shopify as it happens such as fulfillment status and order notes etc.

Zap 1 - Master: This app is working perfectly. It imports orders as they happen. If the order has multiple items it creates multiple rows which is fine

Zap 2 - Update: This app I’m having issues with. If I fulfill 1 item it will show fulfilled in the ‘Fulfillment Status’ column but not necessarily next to the correct item. If I fulfill a second item it will write in that same cell next to 1 of the items ‘fulfilled,fulfilled.

To try fix this I setup a support lookup column so it references either variant title or the sku however when I do this Zapier is looking for the order number as well as all the multiple items on the order in the one cell. Is there a way to make it look up single items instead and update accordingly?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Ben Grainger, welcome to the Community!

There isn’t a way to do that in the Find Row action, but I can think of a way to workaround this. We can create a unique field to find the relevant row by combining the order number and variant ID. 

First, add a field to the Google Sheet, call it something like ‘unique value’ or lookup column. Edit the first Zap, the one that sends information to the sheet, so that the Google Sheet Create Row step adds the Order number and variant ID in the same field. To do that, you literally add both the ordernumber and variant ID into the new column (it will work best with no space). 


Then in the Lookup row action, search that column for the order number and variant ID; again, you need to add both of those fields straight into the lookup column with no spaces. 


I hope that’s clear, let me know if you have any questions!


P.S. If you want to create this unique value for existing rows, you can use the Concatenate function for Google Sheets

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Ah thankyou so much. I will go try this format and get back to you with how I go :D

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Ok so I’ve tried that. On the lookup stage the zap is looking for this data:

6563 is the order number FYI

First value is the unique ID which is the ordernumber+variant ID. It then continues to look for the other 2 cariant ID’s in the same cell. Could you shed some light on how or why it would be doing this? This happens whether you run a supporting column or not which we aren’t currently


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Hi @Ben Grainger 


When the order is updated, you get all the items as Line Items (this is why they look like this). 

What you need here is Loop by Zapier where you will use Create Loop From Line Items. What Looping would is: 


  1. treat each line item as a separate value
  2. loop through said line items one by one 
  3. it will be considered as a separate zap run for each line item (i.e.: if the data in the screenshot runs, in the zap history you will see it as 3 separate runs from start to finish) 

Let me know if this helps and if you need more help :) 

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Finally got this sorted. Mad to make a few multiple Zap’s using loops and paths but we got there :)