Help with zapping between Google Calender and Active campaign

  • 11 October 2022
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Hi All,

Hope everyone is well and having a great start to their week! I’m currently in the process of having it so when a customer is added to my Google Calendar, the tag on their account automatically changes. I’ve gotten this far however I’m having issues getting any further.

Any time i try to add the ‘CONTACT ID’ section using any of the details I received from Google calender (e.g. email, phone etc.) which match the users details on my Active campaign (see 1st image below) I get the below error ‘the app returned contact not found’ (please see image below that)!

Anyone have any idea where I’m going wrong? I’ve been trying to fix this all day and had no luck, it’s very annoying, it almost seems like Active campaign still cant match the users information from the Active campaign users details to the existing Google calendar section. 


Any help is greatly appreciated no matter what! 

Thank you:) Mark










2 replies

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Hi @UkAutoPro 


Zapier is waiting for a Contact ID not an email or a Phone Number


You can check this video to understand this part more :) 


So before doing that, you need to use ActiveCampaign action Find Contact , this way you can search for the contact using the email address then use the ID in the Update Contact step.


hope this helps :) 

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@UkAutoPro Are you all squared away? Any other questions pop up? 😀