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Help: Required field "Subscriber Email" (email) is missing.

  • 12 October 2022
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Hi all :) 

I just integrated zapier with my Facebook lead ads and Mailchimp flow. I have set up a trigger and tested the flow. It works in test mode. 

But when i set the zap live, the Facebook lead ads won’t automatically come over in my Mailchimp audience. 

When i track the history on the Zap, i get this error message: “Required field "Subscriber Email" (email) is missing” 

I have tried to reload the test trigger and i have checked the connection on Facebook and it looks right. 

Anybody who can help or advise me in the right direction? 

I have uploaded screenshots from both facebook, zapier and Mailchimp. 

Please say if you need more info. 


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Sorry for all the images, but i have no idea why the post is acting like that! :) 

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Hi there @Tonnykaagaard !

Looking at your Zap History, it looks like Facebook is not always (or ever?) sending that “raw” object that you had mapped in your Mailchimp step.

It looks like you’ve already changed the mapping to use “email” instead of “raw__email,” which I believe will work for you when you get your next lead.

Definitely let us know if that doesn’t work the way you expect or if you have any more questions!