Having trouble pulling images from slack channel to send to servicetitan as a job attachment

  • 10 June 2024
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Hey Everyone, so I am using a “Completed Job” in servicetitan as the event that then pulls the job id and customer id from servicetitan to find the public channel in slack with this identifying information.

find customer id and unique identifiers to find public slack channel

I then created a custom action using slack’s api to pull a list of all the files in the slack channel for uploading all at once to the servicetitan job using the looping feature in zapier to loop through and find all the files and the url’s and then upload as a job attachment back to servicetitan. 

Api call to pull all files from the slack channel
looping through all the found files

In test mode it uploads a blank image, so I thought maybe I needed to make the public url as shared, this still didn’t fix it. Not sure where I’m going wrong, but I don’t think the image is being “pushed/downloaded” to servicetitan. The same error was happening in google drive. 

sharing the file publicly
uploading to servicetitan job
blank image


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Hi @ruben_colair 

The File URL field expects a valid file url or file object.

Help article about using files in Zaps: