Having trouble finding a Google docs template in zapier

  • 3 January 2023
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I’ll start by saying that I saw several answers about this issue in the Zapier community, alas my problem has not been solved yet.


I’m trying to zap a Google Forms file with a Templated Google Docs file.

I’m using a team G-suite.

and I’m certain that I created the template file correctly,


Nonetheless - when I’m about to locate my file I have no results to choose from:


and if I’m adding a Search Step, and looking for the folder in which the template file is located in, in the section of the Document Name (in which, I figure, that I’m suppose to insert the template name) instead of having normal options, I’m getting a dropdown with the trigger columns, like this:


That’s very odd, and at this point I don’t really know if I’m doing anything wrong.


The solutions I read in the Zapier community that I tried so far with no help at all:

  • Moving the temp file to the general root folder or a sub-folder - neither worked.
  • Insert the ID of the temp file instead of the name - didn’t work either
  • Moving my temp file away from a shared team space, to My Drive - nope.


at this point I’m very frustrating and have no clue for how to proceed :(


Thanks in advence.

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Hi @Shivuk Midrag!

I tested something and I think I stumbled on a little workaround by accident.

NOTE: before moving on to anything else, I wanted to make sure that in your template doc you’ve got placeholders like this:


Obstacle 1: when a template doc is located in a shared drive, it can’t be found in the Zap Editor. 

Solution 1: I had the template doc in my own drive when I first set up the step in my Zap, then when I moved it to a shared drive I was still able to keep using it in my Zap :)


Obstacle 2: the newly-created doc gets added to my own personal drive.

Solution 2: We can take care of this by using a Google Drive step:


Here, you would select the final destination you wish to use for your template-created doc.

Can you see if this is something you can do as well? And if so, you’ll want to make sure you try turning the Zap on and running it live.