Gravity Forms Booking Services not sending data anymore

  • 4 January 2022
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Good day,


I'm not 100% when the issue started, but suspect it is from Gravity Forms’ latest update, that no data is sent through to Zapier. The data is there when the from is previewed on Gravity Forms’ side, and there are no errors that I can see from the logs that indicate an error in sending. We have adjusted the SMTP settings as well, to no avail. Just wanted to know if this issue is related to Gravity Forms’ Booking Service, or if it could be related to SMTP settings or Zapier. I am at my wits end.


Any help would be appreciated :).

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3 replies

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Hi @JG Slot 

Try reviewing the available help articles for using Gravity Forms in a Zap:


One possible work around may be to use the Webhooks Add-On in Gravity Forms to send data to a Zap trigger that uses the Webhooks app with the Catch Hook option:

Hi Troy, 


Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried it via the webhook route, and the same field does not pull through any data. I have also checked the logs on both API and core from our WP site, and nothing there indicates that it has issues sending through the data.


Since it is only the one field that is not sending through, could it be the gAppointments plugin that is all of a sudden causing the issue?

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@JG Slot 

Yes it’s possible other plugins are impacting the data transfer.


WordPress plugins

Certain WordPress plugins like WordFence can block the REST API. Try adding to your safe list in your security settings. You may have to disable these plugins if that doesn't work.


Some fields are empty but I know they are filled out!

This isn't uncommon if you have multiple fields in a form with the same label. We recommend just tweaking each label in a form to be unique and this problem will go away! (Be sure to send another sample through and map the new unique labels in the template section of your action!).