Gravity Form to QuickBooks Online Zap failed to create customer profile despite successful execution.

  • 13 December 2023
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I have a “request for service” gravity form on my website with a zap to create a customer in QBO upon a form submission and have had for about 3 years.  I found a customer had submitted a form but there was no corresponding profile in QBO  on Dec 12th 2023.  I logged into QBO this morning, the 13th and discovered the dashboard was different. I deleted my profile in QBO and filled out the form. I had no customer profile. I checked the zap history and it indicated a successful zap execution. I suspect QBO changed something about their customer creation format and didn’t inform Zapier.  I spent a couple of hours this morning on the phone with QBO. They accepted no onus for the issue.  I further expect it will take pressure from Zapier for QBO to correct the issue but in the event I’m wrong I wanted to check with this community or if I am correct at least document the date I noticed the issue.

4 replies

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Hi @JWF 

Have you reported this to Zapier Support?

I’m not sure how to communicate with them.  It is not obvious at least to me.

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You can submit a ticket by following the presented options.

Thanks for the link.  I believe I just successfully submitted a help ticket.