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Google - "User-rate limit exceeded"

  • 4 February 2022
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Hey everyone!

I’ve ran into an issue with the connection between Zapier and my Pro email account. I can no longer connect the two and I keep receiving this error message below at every attempt:


Oh, foo.

Zapier could not connect to your account.

The app returned "User-rate limit exceeded. Retry after 2022-02-04T17:21:38.363Z".

Does anyone have any tips on how I could resolve this?


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6 replies

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Hi @Lemonwaves 

Check this help article:


Might be best to open a ticket with Zapier Support here:

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Hiya @Lemonwaves

Thanks for reaching out! I can see you were able to get in touch with support, which is perfect. 

I wanted to pop Nadia’s response here as well in case it’s useful for anyone else who stumbles across this. I hope it helps provide some context!

Any given web-app (like the various Google services) have limitations on how many data requests a third party application, such as Zapier, and their users can make to it. This is also called rate-limiting and it is in place to ensure that an app's servers are not overwhelmed by too much traffic and maintain general good health.

Whenever a Zap triggers or an Action for a given app executes or a user tries to create an app connection, it uses one or more data requests on behalf of the user. Gmail (and other Google services) have a limit of how many data requests a third-party platform can make on behalf of all its users for a given time period. It also has limits on how many data requests each connection (i.e. single user) can make as well. So when this limit exceeds, it'll return an error when the platform attempts more data requests.
Recently, we've noted that our Gmail integration run into this rate-limit more than usual (at both platform and user level). 
This could be happening because more folks are using the Gmail integration and/or the Zaps have increased traffic. The error message you're seeing here is that your connected account to Gmail has reached the rate-limit for a given period.

Therefore, we have an open issue report about this with our team responsible for the Gmail integration, so that they can investigate why this is happening and place a fix. A fix typically involves submitting an application to Google, so that they can consider raising the rate-limits for Zapier and it's users.

I have added your name and email to a list of affected users to be notified when this is fixed. I don't have a definitive ETA for when a fix will be rolled out, but you will automatically be notified as soon as we've closed the issue. Really sorry for the interruption here, and I hope we get some good news soon!

In the meantime, now that we're past 2022-02-04T17:21:38.363Z (UTC), could you try to reconnect your account at Alternatively, are you able to create a new connection? 


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What is the status of the Google ticket which folks referenced opening here? 

Additionally, it would be helpful to know how users are identified to Google’s api when Zapier hits it, since it doesn’t appear to map cleanly to users of the Zapier service. I received this message when attempting to connect my gmail account despite having never used Gmail on Zapier, while trying to help a coworker in the same company plan.

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Hi @matthugs!

I checked for you and see that there’s still an open report for this issue. I’m not seeing that a permanent fix is in place, though it doesn’t appear that many users have reported experiencing this issue (thankfully), so I don’t know that it’s a Zapier-wide issue. I’ve added your email address as an affected user, so if/when the issue’s been resolved you’ll receive an email notification.

Do you or your org have other apps connecting to Gmail that might be causing a rate limit to be exceeded? Are there other folks in your company plan having trouble connecting their Gmail account?

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 Are there other folks in your company plan having trouble connecting their Gmail account?

Hey @nicksimard, yes there is another user whose Zapier account cannot be linked to her gmail account, whose experience I was replicating.


Do you or your org have other apps connecting to Gmail that might be causing a rate limit to be exceeded?

It’s possible we do but invisibly to me. I’ve escalated a request the the team who has administrator privileges to verify.


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Hi @matthugs,

My thought was that if there’s high usage amongst users on G Suite, that might be the reason that you’re hitting the rate limit. So when you try to connect to Google, they check across the org and see that, then throw that error message.

Apologies for the frustration here. Rate limit errors are super annoying, especially when it’s not 100% clear how to fix the issue. Please let us know if you find anything out from the admin team.