Google Sheets to Google Calendar: Google Calendar creates event on wrong date and time

  • 11 February 2024
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  1. Data field in Google Sheet 
  1.  Zap configured to pic the date and time - Looks like it reads correctly!
  1. Wrong Date and time computed by the Zap: When tested, event is indeed created for 2027 July!


Not convinced why any sort of transformation is needed for such a simple usecase when the data is available in simple and direct format.

4 replies

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Hi @headstrong521 

Reference the linked help doc for guidance.

Make sure to add a space between the mapped variables in each field.


Thanks Troy, That resolved it! 


Spent hours debugging it yesterday, cant seem to understand why adding the ‘space’ is a requirement when the date and time have been picked up correctly in step-2. Anyways, thanks for the prompt support.

As an aside, I am now struggling to add a reminder notification and it is not getting added to the event created by zaps

  1. Config


  1. Calendar event created with no notification


If the ‘Minutes Before Reminder’ is OR not a direct correlation to ‘Add notification’ in calendar, then is there a direct 1:1 config available in Zapier, by which we can add more than reminder notifications in calendar via zapier automation ?

Thank you.

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Without the space the resulting value is an invalid concatenated timestamp: 2024-07-273:40:00 PM


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You would need to select an option from the Reminders field as indicated by the field description.