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Google Sheet duplication error

  • 23 June 2022
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I’m encountering an issue when duplicating a sheet in a google drive - I have a submission coming through a jotform which is the initial trigger, then a particular sheet is being duplicated with a new name. This step always shows “The app returned "Internal error encountered.".” but in the next step to find the newly duplicated sheet, it finds it.


The main problem is, because the error keeps occurring, zapier detects this and turns off the zap. Is there any way to force the zap to stay on or fix this error?


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Hi there, @Cube Online! I’m sorry to hear you’re running into this! 😔
Would you mind sharing some screenshots of your current zap setup along with any errors you’re seeing? This may help friends in the community help troubleshoot with you!
Thanks so much and looking forward to digging into this with you!

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Hey @Cube Online! It looks like you have been in touch with our support team recently who looked into the issue and said: 

This type of "Internal Server Error" (500) error can happen from time to time when a server is under heavy load, or if the data trying to be passed is too large or for a whole variety of other circumstances. 
Since this happens on the other app's end we can't see exactly what might be the specific problem here, but the good news is that these issues are usually short-lived. Generally, once they settle back down, failed tasks can be replayed in bulk from the Task History.
To find more info on replaying tasks, I'd recommend this help doc:

Of course, if you continue to run into any other issues, just let us know and we’d be happy to dig into things with you. 🙂