Google My Business error on videos: Request contains an invalid argument.

  • 10 July 2024
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I’ve created a zap going from Instagram Business Account to Google My Business. While still images posted to Instagram work fine, when I posted a video, I get an error message saying that “Request contains an invalid argument.”

The settings I have are:

Summary: Caption

Topic Type: Standard

Action Button Type: (left blank)

Action Button URL: 1. Permalink

Photo Source URL: 1. Media URL

Is there some other option that I should have selected?

5 replies

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Hi @ZapGuy 

It may be that the GMB Zap action does not support video. (says Photo Source URL)

Hmm - would be strange if it didn’t as Instagram is heavily video focused. 

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The GMB field label is “Photo Source URL” and the field description says “The URL for the photo to include in the post”.


While it says “Photo Source URL” there are options for “Media URL” as well as one for “Media Type IMAGE” which leads one to believe that if you select “Media URL” rather than “Media Type IMAGE” that it would push ANY media, including video, to GMB. Unfortunately, doing a zap test with a video posting continues to fail while doing the same test with an Instagram post with an image works fine. So, it appears only images can be transmitted from Instagram to GMB.

If anyone has a work-around, please let me know.

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Can you post screenshots showing the GMB Zap step with those “media” fields exposed and how you have those fields configured in EDIT mode?