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Google Forms error: Quota exceeded for quota metric 'Expensive Reads' and limit 'Expensive Reads per minute' of service

I just got a bunch of these, which is troubling can you please help me understand what is going on 




Best answer by christina.d 2 June 2023, 03:47

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Hi @ZipZapZop,

It’s understandably troubling to receive those error messages! I looked into this for you and it does appear that there’s an existing bug report created for this issue. I’ve added you as an affected user, which means 1) you’ll be notified via email when the issue has been resolved, and 2) it helps to increase the priority on the issue, because the number of affected users is one of the metrics we consider.

I wish I had a more immediate solution for you, but what I can say is that as far as I can see it’s an intermittent issue and not one you’ll necessarily keep running into. If you do continue to have problems, please come back to this thread or reach out to our Support team to report it.

I see that you’ve got Autoreplay turned on. Have you found that this is working to re-run those failed tasks?

We have also experienced this issue and received several of the same error messages for Zaps that connect Google Forms. It would be helpful to know ETA on solving the issue. If that connection is now unreliable, it will affect how we deploy forms going forward and also we may need to change our approach for existing forms.

FYI - it does seem that the error-ed tasks do get replayed and most have eventually gone through.

Add me in too, this stupid error. Please fix this stupid bug

How on earth did this bug, happens over and over again, one year ago same thing had happened. Don't your team have protocols? I am not sure, if it's just your company trying to save money by paying lesser to google. It's honestly a very disappointing that you guys tries to expand so agressively and yet can't even do the basic right. 

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Hi there @SME and @Chris Li,

I truly apologize for the trouble this bug has caused you both. I want you to know that our team is already aware of the issue and is diligently working on a solution. I've added both of your email addresses to the open bug report to ensure you're kept in the loop.

Unfortunately, I do not have an ETA, but I’ve added you to the list of users affected by this issue so we can let you know as soon as we have any updates.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

We are also seeing this error, please add me to the list.

Hi @ken.a,

Thank you for looking into the issue. Could you also add me to the list? I’m also experiencing this issue.

Please may we be added too? We are experiencing the same issue and it has been erroring repeatedly over the weekend.

Can you also add us to the list of affected users so we can be updated too. Thanks!

Please add me to the notice list as well. Thanks.

Can I please be added to the list, too? I received several of these alerts over the past few days.

Yeah, please add me to the list as well. It seems like Google Forms, which I imagine is a very commonly used, core integration, is experiencing this across the board... That’s kinda rough considering Zapier error handling is not nearly as good as other platforms like 

Same issue here.  Please add me to the list for update.


Thank you.

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Hi, we are also experiencing this issue and would like to receive updates/be listed as an affected user.

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Hi @NikolaiW @YC NL @BiteBack @Adam LMM @Zagor @stphzbll @jezhop @Menlo Developer @Gowiem,

I just wanted to let you all know that I've added you as additional affected users to the open bug report. Although we can't give an exact timeline for when this will be fixed, I want to assure you that we'll keep you updated via email as soon as there's any update on the issue.

Hopefully, this help! 😊

@ken.a thank you for this, however, I am a little confused on what this means. Does this mean the whole Zap isn’t working? Will the data come through once it is fixed? We are running an integration for schools to apply to our programme so does this mean we won’t get the information they added? We can’t see any forms being filled in since Friday 26 May despite the zap erroring a few times over the weekend so worried about losing data.

It also seems this bug was already reported a month ago? 


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Hey all -

I wanted to point ya’ll and anyone who may have stumbled on this to the main thread where we’ll be sharing future updates👇🏽:

The good news is a workaround was just shared today so hopefully that helps! 

In an effort to streamline communication, I’ll be closing this thread but recommend subscribing to the main one if you’d like to continue receiving community updates regarding the status. Otherwise you’ll absolutely be emailed once this is officially closed!

We know the impact this has and appreciate everyone hanging in there with us.

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Hey @BiteBack - great question.

While there might be a temporary delay in triggering Zaps from Google Forms due to this issue, no data or information should be lost. The Zaps should fire and catch up once the quota issue resolves itself. I hope this helps!