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Google Forms Error Quota Exceeded "Expensive Reads"

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Hi @GCCFJ, @MR_Concept and @TypeWell Scheduling! 👋

@GCCFJ and @TypeWell Scheduling - I’ve added you both to the list of affected users. We’ll be in touch by email as soon as it’s resolved. 

@MR_Concept - I’ve not added you to the list as it sounds like you’ve not been experiencing these errors for the last four days. Is that still the case? If not, and you’re still getting that same error please let us know and we’ll get you added to the list of affected users as well! 

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I have good news, friends! 👋

The bug report relating to these “Quota Exceeded” errors has recently been closed. The Google Forms API quota limits have been increased which should help to prevent these errors from occurring again in the near future.

If however you find that you’re still running into these error please do let us know in the Community. Or alternatively reach out to our helpful Support team who will be happy to investigate further. 

In the meantime, happy Zapping! ⚡