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  • 16 May 2023
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I'd like to set up an automation that triggers Whisper (OpenAI) to translate new files in a specific Google Drive folder.

When setting it up, it keeps giving me an error when setting the Google Drive as a trigger. What do I need to select in the “file” section for Google drive, to recognize new .mp3 uploads?

And where do the transcripts go? There's no follow-up at this point to create the new transcript in that same folder for instance. It “just” triggers whisper to transcript the audio.


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1 reply

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Hi @Clipmeister, thanks for joining the Community!

What do I need to select in the “file” section for Google drive, to recognize new .mp3 uploads?

You’d need to select the File field form the Google Drive trigger specifically:

​​That said, ​​​​​is the folder only ever going to have mp3 files added to it?

If so you can use the New File in Folder (Google Drive) trigger and set it to only look at files added to that specific folder.

But if there’s going to be other types of files added to that folder that you don’t want to trigger on then you might want to use a Filter by Zapier action. Adding a filter to the Zap would allow you to set up a rule to ensure that the Zap only continues to translate the file if the File Extension field, from the Google Drive trigger, (Text) Contains a file extension of mp3 specifically. You can find out more about working with filters here: Add conditions to Zaps with filters

And where do the transcripts go?

The transcript text should be output by the Create Translation action. I uploaded an quick audio file to test it and it output the translation in the content field:
If you want the translated text to be added to a file you’d then need to follow that up with a Create File from Text (Google Drive) action. Then in the File Content field on that action, you’d select that content field from the OpenAI step.

Hope that helps. Keen to ensure you’re all set here so please do let us know know how it goes!