Google Drive Is not Triggering New File to Specific Folder

  • 28 October 2023
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I am trying to ping my slack, when any file is added in a Google Drive Folder.

It works in test mode, when I refresh files, it shows the newly added files.

But in Live Mode, it does not trigger at all.

  • Folder is owned by me
  • Files are added directly to folder (mp4)
  • Files are created few minutes back and uploaded to Google Drive via Web Upload
  • New files are listed when I test it -
  • You can see the timestamps are also latest

What else to check for ?

3 replies

Also adding google drive screenshot:


Here is the latest screenshot for Zap Edit


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Good day, I am not sure what the issue is exactly as I would have to see your trigger section of step 1 and your action section of step 2, bit I made the zap on my side and this layout worked for me.

Trigger step
Action step for sending slack message
parent file
file selected in the zap
random items I added to the file for the test
Message sent in slack channel, the first was the test the second was 15 minutes later after I uploaded more files

If this system does not work for you one possible reason could be if you add too many files at the same time I have had the issue in the past that it only sends one message instead of all of them, one way of checking is to go into your zap history and check to see if there are any errors or hold statuses there.