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Google Doc to PDF in Drive

I added a Zap that uses data from a Google Sheet to fill out a Google Doc template then saves that new version in a particular Google Drive folder. All is good there.

Now I’m working on a Zap that converts that new file to a PDF and saves it in a different Drive folder. I’m having trouble with what to put for “Input Type” and “Input” for the action. The documentation on tells me to select “Link to rtf, doc, docx document or filetoken:// link” but that isn’t an option for me. For Input it says to choose “Web Content Link,” but that is also not an available option in Zapier.

I’ve tried quite a few things but can’t seem to pick a choice that will work.


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 25 May 2023, 03:43

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Hi @HHbuild00 

Good question.

You may not need to convert the GDoc to a PDF.


Oh thank you! That’s great!!

I am creating another Zap that then sends the PDF to Gmail so it can be easily sent as an attachment. Would that be possible without having a saved version of the PDF? I was using ‘when a new file was added to drive folder.’

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Once you get the PDF version link for the GDoc then you can map that to the Attachment field in the Gmail Zap step.
Help article about using files in Zaps:


Sorry I have so many questions. I’m relatively new at this.

My first Zap creates the docs from a sheet. I basically want an email w/ the PDF attached to be created every time a new doc is created by Zap 1.

Wouldn’t using link only apply to that one very specific doc? Or would it apply to all new docs in that folder?

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When you map a variable between Zap steps that means the data point is dynamic.

It worked! Thank you so much!

If you don’t mind my asking one more question - is there a way to pull in data from the PDF Doc to the TO field? Not sure if that’s possible. I’m not seeing that as an option in the TO dropdown.