Google Chat Zap: No results when selecting specific conversation.

  • 12 October 2023
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I am trying to create a zap that connects a specific board to a specific google chat conversation. Zapier advertises an integration that specifically claims to accomplish this and even show the current google chats logo in the recipe.


When I go to connect my apps, the google chat logo changes to google hangouts logo.


I can successfully connect my google chat account as seen below


But when I go to select the specific conversation, there are no results. 


Is this integration outdated as it appears to be connecting to google hangouts which was discontinued about a year ago? Or, is there something else going on? 

7 replies

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Hi @MarkRav 

Good question.

If you know the Google Chat > Hangout Chat Room ID then you can try settings a static value using the ‘Custom’ tab.



The ability to repost from another platform to a specified Google Chat room is literally my only reason for using Zapier at this point. 

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Hi@MarkRav and @BjarteØ! 👋 

I did some digging on this end and found a solution suggested by the Support team that worked for folks. Sharing the details of that here in case it’s helpful:

The steps to get the Space to load into the Hangout Chat room are:

  1. In left hand side bar, click "+"

  2. Select Create Space
  3. Set up the space with the Title, description and add the necessary people
  4. In the chat space, select Add people and Apps
  5. Search for and select Zapier (app)
  6. Select Allow Zaps in the Chat



Can you give those steps a try and let us know whether that then allows the desired spaces (Google Chat Rooms) to then be loaded in the Hangouts Chat Room field? 

These are exactly the steps I’ve already performed, which does not work.

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Sorry to hear those steps didn’t work as hoped, @BjarteØ

If you use the Custom value option that Troy mentioned earlier in this thread, and enter the ID for the space does that then allow you to send a message successfully? If you get an error when trying that, can you share a screenshot of it here? We don’t have access to your Zaps so that’ll greatly help us to further troubleshoot this with you. Please remember to remove/hide any private information (like names, emails, addresses etc.) from any screenshots before sharing.

Thanks, looking forward to your reply! 🙂


See attached. 


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Thanks for sharing that helpful screenshot of the error @BjarteØ

Hmm, the error mentions the Zapier bot, so it seems like the Zapier bot that it’s expecting to find in the space is no longer there.

Can you go over to Google Chat, select the space and click it’s name. Then click on "Manage Members" and confirm whether the Zapier bot is still in the space? 
If it’s not, can you please add the bot back into the space and click on Allow Zaps again?
If that doesn’t sort it try creating a new space, add the Zapier bot to it, and click on Allow Zaps as you’ve done before. Then select the new space in the Zap to see if that allows you to send a message without error. 

Keen to help get this working so please keep us updated on how that goes!