Google Calendar Find not detecting event, getting an error.

  • 26 March 2022
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I have a Wordpress Gravity forms that we use to open customer files (for our clinic). In this form, we schedule the meetings for assessments through a nested form. All of that works fine.

When submitted, the form creates the meetings in Google Calendar through a first ZAP. Just so you see how the first ZAP works, here it is:


Now for my problem:

In the workflow process, we gather some other information we need to send to Google Calendar to update the previous added events. We are able to push the submitted data to the Update event ZAP but, the ZAP won’t find the event even though we are so specific. Here’s my FIND and Update event ZAP:


What am I getting wrong ? I get the following error : Bargle. We had trouble getting a matching event. :-(Error details: Nothing could be found for the search.


When typing the exact same research terms in the Google Calendar search, I do get the events…

Please, I need help with this.



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1 reply

Ok girls and guys,

I found that there’s a problem when you narrow down the ZAP to search on the specific date. I will search at this specific date AND time. That’s why it didn’t find.

Thank you very much,