Google Assisstant error: We couldn't find a pushed voice message

  • 22 February 2023
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Newbie here feeling really dumb.. 

I’m trying to create a Zapier that simply logs what I say to Google Assisstant in a new spreadsheet row - - that’s it.

I’m using “New Pushed Voice Message” and some simple triggers, “Make a log entry” or “Log”

When I try to test the trigger it always says “We couldn't find a pushed voice message”.  What does this mean?  How do I test it?

For Action, I’m using “Create Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets”.  I can select the right spreadsheet location, sheet, and tab.  The sheet only has two coulumns “Date” and “Note”  but it won’t let me select any date fields for either.  

How do I get this thing to work.  I would appreciate any help.  Heck build it and I’ll change the spreadsheet info..



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Hi @asrjcb

Good question.

Have you reviewed the available help articles for using Google Assistant in Zaps?