Google Ads not getting details for Audience List in Audience Manager

I use zapier with Google Ads to add customers to a Segment list I created. Google calls this a “Customer Match list” and forces us to use Zapier to create this list from our online store/platform.

Google ads told me if I want to create an automated customer match list from my BigCommerce Store... that I had to use Zapier.

The tasks are running on Zapier… allegedly successfully. I see in the details of the task… that zapier is finding the customer on BigCommerce… with the right data/info… but I don’t see the customer getting added to the Audience list in google ads and yes… I have linked up Google Ads and Zapier… seemingly without issue. I went through the integration wizard on Google ads when I set this up… please help.

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Hi @MikeStuff01 

For us to have more context, post screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured.

Provide details about a specific example.

Check your Zap Runs history details to see the DATA IN/OUT for each step to help you troubleshoot:

The problem is I don’t want to be posting private things in a public forum. It’s ridiculous that there isn’t a private customer support process. I have no idea what exactly you are asking for… and I can’t post something with customer info on it.

Here is how it all set up:
Have Zapier account… I connected BigCommerce and Zapier so Zapier gets the customer’s info from BigCommerce when someone buys something.

When I look in the Data on Zapier… in the Zap Runs… Zapier, in this step… is getting the info - ie. name, email address, etc.

I then went into Google Ads and Zapier when I originally set this all up… and went through their integration wizard… and it said it connected them properly. 

In terms of specific example - not sure what you mean.
Someone buys something from our bigcommerce store.

The email address is supposed to be collected up by Zapier and put into the Customer Match list in Google Ads. Google Ads has an integration process and relationship with Zapier to do this. I set it all up to work… I am an experienced IT person… and it’s not working… as described. It looks like Zapier is getting the info from BigCommerce but is not properly pushing it into Google Ads. 

Also, when I look in the Data In on Step 2 in zapier… it looks like Zapier combined the email address, phone number, zip code and country codes into one line/entry of data in the email row. Obviously I can’t screenshot someone’s private info to show  you as this is a semi-public forum and I have no clue who you are and I don’t think you work for Zapier.

I was hoping that Zapier has a customer support process but apparently it doesn’t… I have to use a Forum like this where the only person that responded was you… which I appreciate that but for Zapier to rely on this support process is a bit ridiculous. I realize why they do it - because it’s cheap and they don’t have to manage it but still. And now you’re asking for screenshots of my account… which I don’t think is prudent. No offense.


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Zapier Customer Support options per plan:


In the screenshots, you can redact sensitive info.


If you want to work 1:1, then consider hiring a Certified Zapier Expert: hire and work with a Certified Zapier

I shouldn’t have to hire someone for something like this… that would be absurd… although I’m thinking that is why you monitor these forums to pick up some potential clients. I’m not mad that technique… but it is what it is. The integration should just have worked… I went through their “setup wizard” and allegedly all is well but it’s not. I code, develop and run an IT company… so for me to have issues… something quirky is going on. I can only imagine how many others have issues as well… and just quit with it or don’t realize there are issues.


This shouldn’t even be an issue to begin with but I’m forced to work with Zapier because Google Ads only has integrated with them for this use case. I can manually input into what Google ads needs… but I would rather use automation.

What screenshots are you specifically and exactly asking for? I gave you enough info/input I would think… for you to know where to look.

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I’m offering to help you here if you can post screenshots (with redacted private info) to give us full context with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured in EDIT mode, so we can see the field types, field descriptions, and field values set along with any encountered errors.

I do appreciate your help in this… my frustration isn’t with you.

I attached 6 screenshots of various items in my zaps and as well as the history page.

One thing I noticed that is strange and not sure if it’s an error on Zapier’s end or just how it’s showing it to me… but in the history section… in Step 2 Add Contact to Customer List in Google Ads… in the “Data In” section – you can see just above adUserData… in the email section… how it has the email entry… it has it with Name, Phone and Country added at the back end of the email address… I got it redacted but here is how it looks:

email: name@domain.comNAMEphoneCountry

ie. name@domainl.comMikeSmith55512345678US

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The Email field expects an email address value.

Only the Email variable from Step 1 should be mapped to this field input.

The mapped dynamic variables for these would need to be removed from the field:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Address Zip
  • Address Country


Check the email field description for guidance.


I will check that out… strange it would do that as I went through their “wizard” to set it up. So you think it’s giving Google Ads a bad input data set and then Google Ads is rejecting it?

Once fixed… how do I run it so it will send all of those over people again?

Also, I went to try to delete those fields and don’t see an easy way to do it - where/how do I do it?



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For the Email field, the mapped values are most definitely generating an invalid email address, because the concatenation of email + first name + last name + phone + address zip + address country is not a valid email address.

It should only be the 1 Email variable (first) mapped in the Email field input.


Also, I went to try to delete those fields and don’t see an easy way to do it - where/how do I do it?

Click into the field and delete a variable/value by using backspace.


Once fixed… how do I run it so it will send all of those over people again?




On the replaying of the tasks… the runs weren’t failed per se… Zapier thinks they played and worked. It doesn’t know that the data or item wasn’t put into the google ads list. So, technically… to zapier… it wasn’t a failed run. How do I run or rerun them in that case?

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You need to replay the entire Zap Run from the Zap Editor, which will create a new Zap Run from the start.


Replay entire Zap run

Replay entire Zap in Zap editor

You can replay all steps in a completed Zap run, starting from the trigger. If you edit and re-publish your Zap, you can still select a Zap run and Zapier will use that trigger data to replay the Zap from its current published workflow.

  1. Open the Zap in the Zap editor.
  2. In the left sidebar, click the Zap runs icon 8aeb328e01a50022821101e080183443.png to expand it.
  3. Select a Zap run.
  4. In the center of the Zap editor, you’ll see info from the Zap run displayed above each step. Click cf39dcfff95d5bba0892d167e30f87a6.pngReplay entire Zap.
  5. A dialog box will appear. Click Replay

Learn more about replaying an entire Zap run.

8843673cace5f7b922c65168a85d657e.png Tip

You can edit the trigger data from a Zap run, then replay the entire Zap run.

  1. Open the Zap in the Zap editor.
  2. In the center of the Zap editor, select your trigger step to open the right sidebar.
  3. Click the Zap runs icon 8aeb328e01a50022821101e080183443.png in the left sidebar.
  4. Select a Zap run to open the right sidebar.
  5. In the right sidebar, in the Run details section, click the Data out tab.
  6. Click the pencil plus icon 02c61d53f95be2661a90211d041c6552.png
  7. Double click any field value you want to edit, then edit the value.
  8. When you finish editing values, click cf39dcfff95d5bba0892d167e30f87a6.pngReplay entire Zap.
  9. A dialog box will appear. Click Replay.
335619ab6472fe1fefab18d493cb39bf.png Note
  • Your Zap must be turned on before you can replay it.
  • If you want to replay the Zap using an edited Zap workflow, you must publish it first.
  • If you change the trigger app or event, you will not be able to replay the Zap.



All I did was edit what you told me… so what do I do… as what you explained has a gazillion zaps for me to select to run the held ones (as I was on a free plan and now on a non-free plan)… and I don’t see anything that you mentioned above about rerunning successfully ran zaps as a group. For example, It says 1 of 65… and say 12 on each page… is there a way to select ALL of the ZAPS on all of the pages in the pagination or do I gotta manually scroll through ?

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There is NOT currently the ability to replay successful Zap Runs in bulk. (something I’d also find useful)


You can submit feedback and feature requests via a ticket to Zapier Support for that to be properly logged: