Google Ads Lead Gen Form: Failed to fetch a lead form entry from Google Ads Error while retrieving: Cannot read property 'forEach' of undefined

  • 23 March 2023
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Something happened over night that stopped our Google Ads lead gen forms from working. I was able to fix two out of three, but we have one that I can’t fix. 

It doesn’t seem to be connecting to in we can load new entries, even though there’s hundreds on the Google Ads dashboard side we’re not seeing any connection to Zapier set up.

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1 reply

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Hi @Solar Mike 

Good question.

Have you checked this help link and the info below?




Error: A form may only have one webhook and be used in one Zap

A Google Ads lead form can only be used with one Zap. You may see this error if you try to turn on a second Zap using the same lead form.

If no other Zaps use your lead form, delete the Webhook URL and Key values under Lead Delivery Options, in your Google Ads account. Then, turn your Zap on again.

miscEye icon Note

Deleting these values will break any existing Zaps tied to the Lead Form.


Error: SoftTimeLimitExceeded()

If a Zap run errors and displays aSoftTimeLimitExceeded()warning, this means that the particular Zap run exceeded Google Ads' API requests per minute limit (60 requests per minute). To fix this, you can add a Delay After Queue action step, right after your Zap trigger. This will ensure tasks are spread out and avoid rate-limiting errors.