Google Ads error: Failed to create a contact in Google Ads: Invalid value

  • 26 October 2023
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Does anyone have an opinion on which matching is best for this Google Ads list? I was previously using only email but I noticed that it only works if there’s an associated Google account. I have not changed it to name, country and zip matching. I have no way of knowing how many times Google was able to match a customer with emails so I’m just curious if anyone has any experience!


PS. I was having the same issue as above and the AI troubleshooting feature really helped me figure this out. It’s awesome. My issue was that I was sending email and address info as the unique identifier, but you can only pick one or the other. This Zap setup is confusing as it should not allow you to enter anything in a field if the other field is already populated. 

1 reply

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Hi there @Pelowtz,

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I’m thinking of using GCLID, but google only keeps the GCLID around for 90 days so that might not be what you’d want to use here. Maybe what you could do is try using Paths (if you’re on Professional Plan) or duplicate Zaps set up to try to match on different identifiers to cover all the bases?

Hopefully, this helps.