GMail Zap: The app returned "Access Denied".

  • 11 August 2023
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So we’ve had three Zaps running for awhile:

  • Notify Slack when a PandaDoc document is completed
  • Put PandaDoc document in GDrive when completed
  • GMail PandaDoc document to billing when completed

For some reason, the GMail Zap just started erroring one day - The app returned "Access Denied". This started happening around July 19th, after working for months. Then, yesterday, we turned it off and on and it pushed through a few holds, but still a bunch of errors. Even when the GMail Zap was failing, the Slack and GDrive Zaps that were linked to it never failed. When I try to replay these 16 Zap runs, they give me an error, and then the Zap turns itself off. If I try to replay one Zap run at a time, it just errors with the same message. The GMail connection tests out just fine, and the PandaDocs are properly being broadcast in Slack and sent to the GDrive.

Any ideas? I suppose I could just deal with these manually - download them, whatever - but I just want to make sure this isn’t a larger issue.

3 replies

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Hi @Operations 

Good question.

Can you post a screenshot with the encountered error to give us proper context?

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I’m getting the same issue.

When testing the connection with the test button, it works fine. Still getting this error message.


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@LeviM and @Operations 

If you have a Zapier paid plan, you can try opening a ticket with Zapier Support: