Getting 'ValidationError: Validation Failure' When Passing Multiple Values in Amenities Field

  • 19 September 2023
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Hello everyone,

I need a little bit of assistance on an error I am receiving. I am getting a “ValidationError: Validation Failure”. Error. I already know the culprit is my Amenities multi-reference field.

The problem is when I pass only one value it works fine, but when passing multiple values (multiple references) it fails. I have tried many combinations of strings to get this to work and I have had no luck. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Below are some references.


This works as expected:

This fails and results in the form invalidation error:

I have tried both values individually and they will work so I know it’s not an error with the id’s themselves.

Here is the error:


3 replies

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Hi @MattH_fhsu 

Good question.

Have you reviewed related topics?

Hello Troy,

I just reviewed them and they all seem to be related to the Patch webhook, and not related to the Live Item creation.

Thank you!

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You may have to explore using the Webflow API:

Zap action: Webflow - API Request