Getting an error on Shopify when updating existing product: Base you need to add option value for size

  • 21 June 2023
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Hello guys,

I’m running into an issue when I update an existing product in shopify, this product has variants with options color and size but I only want to update base information such as description, tags etc.. I use an Update Product Shopify step, I’m passing the id retrieved from the previous step and all the fields I need to set, everyting seems correct and it works on products without options (I mean with just the default variant) but on this one I keep getting the below error, now I’m pretty sure this worked up until yesterday so I wonder if anything has changed in the underline api? I have also tested the raw api call in Postman passing the same data in the form below and it works fine





1 reply

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Hi there, @gusmaster! 👋

It doesn’t look like Shopify has made any updates to their API since April. It’s strange how the request made through Postman is able to go through without error, I wonder if there’s some additional validation built into the Shopify app that’s causing the error here.

Is the size a required field for the product? If it is then maybe setting that size field to be optional would allow the update to go through. Can you give that a try and let us know if that solves it?

Looking forward to hearing how that goes!