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Get Social Media Analytics Data

  • 15 May 2021
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Hi Everyone !

First time for me posting a message in the community. I always found my ways with all the great topics in the community but this time I am struggling. I taking my chance and hope someone else encounter the same situation.


Context : I am trying to create from scratch a social media analytics base in Airtable. Meaning that I would like to get all available data from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram as soon I post a message.

I would like to retrieve with Zapier (number of followers, number of fans, number of views, likes, etc) for any social media tools I am using.


My Issue : I could retrieve few data || When using the trigger “My tweet”, I can access few information but not for example the number of likes or views. The same goes with other social media tools.


Question : Did anyone encounter this issue and if so is there a way to retrieve all those datas with Zapier ?

Looking forward to any answer :)


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3 replies

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Hi @Spike 

You’ll most likely have to leverage the APIs for each of these apps to get these data points.

You can use app APIs in Zaps using the Webhooks app:

NOTE: This is an advanced approach that involves coding concepts.

Thanks @Troy Tessalone for your answer.

I’ve only been using webhook by copy/paste link from Zapier to the application where I wanted to retrieve the data. So nothing with the API.

I’ve looked at your link and I wanted to know what you would recommend among those “actions” :

I will definitely use whatever help I can get :)

Thanks a lot,

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The Webhooks actions will depend on the API documentation for each app.

This involves the method, the authentication, the headers, the data formatting, path parameters, data parameters, etc.

Webhooks overview: