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Gainsight integration with Zapier: Invalid/Incorrect picklist value


Hi Team,
We recently integrated slack form s to zapier and then trying to move data from Zapier to Gainsight custom  object.
The data is moving pretty fine until we incorporated multiselect  field in form and pushing the same to GS object.
Can any one please help with the error” Invalid/Incorrect picklist value”




Best answer by Laksh 9 June 2023, 15:39

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Hi @Laksh - thanks for stopping by! 

Am I understanding correctly that you’re looking to pass data from your Action in Slack Forms to your Trigger in Gainsight? If so, could you try adding a semicolon between the multiselect options?

I suspect Gainsight is looking for the data in a Option1;Option2 format versus a Option1/Option2 format. If that doesn’t do the trick, a screenshot of your configuration will help us dig deeper! 😊


@Liz_Roberts thanks for the quick look.

We tried “;” as well but it does not do the trick.




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Hi there @Laksh,

I looked at the screenshot, and it seems like you may have inserted a comma instead of a semicolon. Could you please try doing a test again but this time replace the comma with semicolon ‘;’. Like so:

(view larger)

It would look like this: CrossComply;ESG;OpsAudit;Risk Oversight;SOXHUB;TPRM

Please give that a try, and keep us posted! 😊


For custom list in form , slack takes the input separated by  “,”.
But Gainsight takes them “separated by ”;”.


So, configure the custom list in the form separated by “,” then use zapier filter format option to replace the output from “,” to “;’

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Ah, good find @Laksh! Thanks for sharing your solution! So glad you were able to get this sorted. 🤗