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G Cal > Twitter: Calendar not finding any events to tweet.

  • 29 December 2022
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So I am trying to automate a tweet to go out whenever an event starts on my event calendar. I start my Zap with a G Cal trigger of Event Start, my account and I set my triggers as follows, since I want every event to trigger a tweet: 

This calendar is populated with a Notion > G Cal Zap that makes the events when I make a new database item. There are some events on there already, but when I go to the test trigger, it only pulls a generic event to work with. I wondered if the population method was the problem, and so I tested it with my personal calendar, and still it didn’t find anything in the test.

I feel like I may be missing something obvious. Not only that, but I tried adding a tag to the event name to see if I could use the search, and it didn’t help either. Thanks in advance, I could really use the help.


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Hi @rabbitDumpling, welcome to the Community!

It’s not obvious, but there is a trick to getting a live sample for the Event Start trigger. There must be an event in the calendar that started within the same timeframe that you’ve set for the Zap eg if you set the trigger to go 30 mins before the event start time, you need to have an existing event in your calendar that started or will start within 30 mins of testing your Zap. 


If you don’t want to create a test event for the Zap, change the trigger settings so that it will catch an existing event and when you have a relevant sample event, change the trigger settings back to whatever you want them to be. 


​I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you, thank you, Danvers. I thought I was missing something simple, and sure enough. Much appreciation!