Forms changed on WordPress, but info not matching in Zaps

  • 29 March 2024
  • 3 replies

We’ve updated our contact forms by deleting several fields and making existing fields required. It shows up on the website as changed, but the form fills coming in is still using the old fields. I’ve ran the tests to grab the newest records so I am not sure how the old fields are even available for them to choose.

3 replies

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Hi @PrecisionIBC 

Make sure the form is published on the website.

Try filling it out as the end user would on the website.

Help article about how to change the Zap trigger example to then reconfigure the mapped variables between Zap steps:

The form is published and when I fill it out as end user, it comes through with the info I input.

However, we are getting form fills using the same form with the OLD values, which is no longer visible on the website!

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Perhaps the form is located in multiple spots on the website and needs to be updated.

Check your Zap Runs history to see the DATA IN/OUT for each step to help you troubleshoot why some are coming thru different than you expect.