Formatting Issue: Extra Space at End After Date Format Change in Form

  • 21 August 2023
  • 3 replies


I retrieve a date from a form and subsequently aim to alter its format from DD-MM-YYYY to DD.MM.YYYY utilizing the replace function.

However, I've encountered an additional space at the end of the resulting text, which reads "DD.MM.YYYY ".


I am presently employing a workaround by conducting a secondary replacement of the space with an empty character in a subsequent step.


Where does this extra space come from?

3 replies

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Hi @it-telepski ,


There could be chance that the space is coming directly from the form submission. You can use Formattter by Zapier or Code by Zapier to transform the data.

It does get imported as a date, and there is no space at this step.

Directly after this, I change the format and the space appears.

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Ok @it-telepski , It looks fine with me here. You should report this issue to Zapier team here. Alternatively you can use Formatter by Zapier or Code by Zapier for data transformation.