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Formatter Not working all of a sudden

  • 7 August 2022
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I have had the Formatter setup on to split text and it has been working until today taking data out of stripe into airtable and my email provider Flodesk. Does anyone know why this would stop working?


Best answer by Daniela_Paulo 11 August 2022, 17:48

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6 replies

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Hi @JaneH!

I can’t find any known issues with Formatter that would account for what you’ve described, which suggests in the input to the step that’s changed. 

The first thing I would do is to look in the Zap history and find a Zap run where the Formatter didn’t work as you expected. Look at the ‘Data in’ tab for the Formatter step, is it the same as the data that you originally used to set up the set? Has the format of the data coming into the step changed? 


If you’re not sure, could you please post a screenshot of the data in and data out pages for a formatter step that didn’t do what you need it to (remember to remove/block out personal/private information), so we can take a look and see what the problem might be. 



Yes the data input works - it’s correct but the data output says it has none.
I noticed The last two entries in stripe have the names as ‘guests’ which are also the ones that didn’t work. (maybe they didn’t create an account)

Do I have to select a different name field and email field so it works regardless of whether they are a guest or not in stripe?




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Hi @JaneH ,

Thank for sharing those details with us!

In the Zap history, I would check the Data out of the step from which the name is coming from (I assume it’s the Stripe trigger) and see if the field that is mapped as Data Input in the Formatter step is exactly the same. 
If not, then the Formatter wouldn’t recognize it. 

Depending on the specific trigger you’re using, Stripe might send the customer name in more than one field, so if there’s one that is always filled out you can map that instead.

I hope this helps in pointing you in the right direction!

Keep us posted 🙂

Thanks Daniela,

yea I have changed the field from Customer name to Billed name. I am hoping this works when the customer chooses to be a ‘guest’ payer of stripe. 
thanks 😊