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File created from Google Docs template can’t be opened after uploading to Dropbox

  • 26 January 2022
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I have a zap that takes information from a Google Sheet row and uses the information to create a set of folders in Dropbox with a specific name. All works great!

I have a step to upload a template file to one of the newly created folders. The file URL is a Dropbox file link. The file is a template Google Doc created in Dropbox that is copied to the new folder and renamed. The only problem is the file won’t open when clicked.

If I were do this outside of Zapier. I’d create the folder, copy and paste the Google Doc Template file and paste it into the folder then rename. This changes the URL address and effectively creates a new file. I’m wondering if the upload process isn’t quite getting this right.


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5 replies

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Hey @daveaudio !

This is a great question here, do you know if the Dropbox URL for your file is password protected?

Even though the Dropbox step is authenticated, it’s pulling the file from a (at least from its perspective) 3rd party source. So the file needs to be publicly accessible. 

At the moment, it’s likely uploading a text file of some sort which isn’t a gdoc file, is that the case?

Let me know if you need anymore help!

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Thanks for your reply. The file link has no password and is set to allow access to anyone with the link.

The file created is a Google Doc, however it’s worth noting that the created file size is bigger than that of the file being copied from. Original template file is 200 bytes (4KB) and the Zapier “Upload” is 153 KB.


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Hey @daveaudio 

Thanks for the reply here, I took another look and I think I know what the issue is. 

The download flag in your URL is set to false or ‘0’. 

This integration needs a URL where if you plug it into a browser, it will automatically be set to download. With the flat set to ‘0’, it’s not automatically downloading so it’s possible it’s just grabbing the html page. 

Would you mind setting this flag to ‘1’ or true to see if that works?



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Amazing! This fixed the issue. Great insight. Changing the URL dl= from 0 to 1 and running a test generated the file and it will now open as a Google Doc.

Thank you for the speedy troubleshooting.


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Yay! 🎉Thanks for keeping everyone updated on what did the trick, @daveaudio!