Fields and Values not displaying during mapping steps - is there a work around besides "guess and check"?

  • 5 January 2024
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We are observing that fields and values are not loading correctly during the record test mapping step. Whenever we test a trigger, Zapier only loads the default automation record. The “find new records” button fails, and all of the initially pulled information seems to be encoded: 

This issue is impacting Wix, Mailchimp, BigCommerce and Salesforce zaps. I contacted Zapier support and their suggestion was to “guess and check” to verify which field is which and attempt to map our fields this way. Apart from this being a completely unprofessional and ridiculous solution, they mentioned it’s a known issue with an unknown fix date.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Have you discovered any workarounds? Thank you for your time.

5 replies

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Hi @zshelley 

Good question.

Have you tested the Wix action that would fire the Wix Zap trigger, then try to pull thru that data as an example record to configure the Zap actions steps?

Thanks for the reply @Troy Tessalone. Yes, we have multiple test submissions that are not being pulled correctly into the example records. These have worked in the past, but are not currently working.

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Some Zap app triggers are only configured to return default dummy data.

You can try turning the Zap ON and testing, then check your Zap Runs history to see the DATA IN/OUT for each Zap step.

Then follow this help article:


Thanks @Troy Tessalone that is helpful. However, I cannot even get to that step as the fields and values being passed are showing up as coded versions of themselves.

All of the displayed “Field Comp LII” are the fields we are attempting to map, but without their correct titles or given values. I cannot find an area to verify which code equals which value. The only way to confirm is to incorrectly map the field, push an incorrect live send, and then check the logs. When this has to be done for 18+ values, its time consuming and requires a large amount of manual data adjustment from every platform. The provided article WOULD be helpful to address the error preventing New records from being used, but I cannot get the system to display the correct fields and field values to even line up the items manually. I’m assuming the given values are tokens, but without a key, there isn’t much I can do apart from the suggested “guess and check” method. Any additional thoughts?

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You may want to try a different approach using a webhook in Wix:

Zap trigger: Webhook - Catch Hook

That will generate a unique webhook URL to configure in Wix.