FB Lead Form to ConvertKit: Zap test works, but zap doesn't actually fire on its own

  • 15 October 2023
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About 6 months ago, I used Zapier to help me send leads from my FB Lead Form to ConvertKit and it worked perfectly.


About a week ago, I set up a new Zap for a new Lead Form (the other Zap has been removed), and it tests just fine, doing exacty what set it up to do with live data. However, the Zap isn’t firing on it’s own when I get a new lead and I have to keep adding new subscribers manually.

I have tested the zap multiple times with different data. The History shows no data which means it isn’t trying to fire and failing. Unfortunately, I feel like this problem may be due to a bug in new updated version of Zapier.


Please help! This is frustrating and time consuming and defeats the purpose of paying for the upgraded Zapier subscription.

1 reply

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Hi there @javabean8,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

I’m so sorry to hear about the troubles with the Zap.

Facebook has a bunch of settings that can cause blockers such as this issue. Could you please try following the instructions mentioned on this Community post here:

Please keep us posted.