Failed to find or create a customer in Wave: Id isn't defined.

  • 9 November 2023
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I’m trying to set up a connection so each appointment scheduled in Setmore generates an invoice draft in Wave Accounting. 

My trigger in Setmore works fine. When setting up the create invoice action for Wave, it wanted a customer id in number format which neither Wave or Setmore have.

I chose to insert a search step instead and filled in the required consumer name and consumer email fields (no ID required).

On the true/false field, I chose true and checked the box to create a customer in wave if one wasn’t found.


When I tested the search action I received an “id is not defined” error.


When I test the next action which is create an invoice, I get a “required field customer id is missing”.


How do I get around this when customer id is not an option from the setmore or the wave custom options?


Thanks in advance!

1 reply

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Hi @WBrown 

Good question.

In Step 2, the Business field is a dropdown list with options.

Each option has 2 values. (top/bottom)

If you are mapping a dynamic variable from a previous step, then the variable value must match a bottom value for an option in the list.