Failed to find a user in Nexudus (3.0.30): Error from halted execution, nothing could be found for the search.

  • 17 May 2023
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Hi I am working on a Zap where I search if a user exists a system based on its email adres. When there are results it returns the results, but when there are not, it gives an error saying “Error from halted execution: Nothing could be found for the search”.


That is no problem, but after this search zap there is a path and in this path I need to check if there use exists or not. But what I cannot figure out is how can I continue after this error that states a that there is nothing found. I do not know how to check or handle this with Zapier. 


Hope you understand what I mean. Thanks in advance.



1 reply

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@samthehub Hmm, let’s see if we can work through this. I’m curious to see the set up of your Zap. Can you please share a screenshot of the details of your Zap? I’m wondering if there is a field that is selected as ‘No’, that prevents the Zap from following through if no data is found.