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Failed to fetch a new video in channel from YouTube: Unable to find the playlistId for the specified channel.

I’ve had this Zap running for months on the YouTube channel of a musician I am managing, but lately I’m getting errors. I know YouTube merged two accounts together recently during their “Original Artist Channel” only for musicians and I’m not sure if that’s the culprit. I’ve make sure to clean out the Zap and rebuild it with all the correct data for log ins and full Channel ID. 

Does anyone have any other ideas? I use Zapier to try and lighten my load some because I’m just one person acting as a PR/Marketing/Social Media Manager/Artist Manager and like 5 other things lol


Here are the pertinent screenshots I can think of for troubleshooting, but I’m happy to take whatever is needed. This Zap did work as written prior to the channel merge, so I’m inclined to wonder if it has something to do with the YouTube (video) and YouTube (music) ecosystems?


Screenshot from YouTube Studio


I’m puzzled at this “playlistid” variable as I didn’t ask it to look for a playlist, just the channel as a whole.


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Hi @ljwaloski!

Thanks for sharing such great detail in your question and I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with your Zap. 

I think this might be related to YouTube changing usernames to user IDs, but I can see that you’re using the channel ID and not the name so I have to say this has me a bit stumped. 

One workaround you could try would be to add new videos to an RSS feed and then use the New Item in Feed trigger. Would that work in this case?

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Hi @ljwaloski!

I took another look at this and I think the issue might be that you’re using the whole channel url and not just the channel ID. Could you try putting just the channel ID in the Channel field?  The Channel ID looks something like this channel/UClKO7be7O9cUGL94PHnAeOA


If that doesn’t work, give it a try without the ‘channel/’ at the beginning. 

Could you give that a go and let us know how you get on? Thanks!


Sorry I missed your first reply! It seems my email client might have eaten the notification. I did go back and try it again with your suggestions.  It does seem to be removing everything up to the gibberish after channel/ is the key.  The funny thing was, it was working the other way before!  Thanks for helping me figure it out.  This service is so valuable and saves my sanity lol.


~ lora