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Failed to create an upload file in Amazon S3: S3ResponseError: 400 Bad Request

  • 10 June 2024
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I am getting the following error message when trying to run a test for this Zap. I have tried to troubleshoot using the response provided from AI Beta, and adjusted the MIME type to “image/jpeg”, but there are also MP4 files within the subfolders. What MIME type do MP$ files fall under, and ultimately how do I fix this issue?



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 10 June 2024, 21:58

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5 replies

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Hi @geenaashlee 

To provide context about the encountered error, post screenshots with how the ‘Action’ tab section is configured.



The mime type is to “image/jpeg”


@Troy Tessalone 

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Are you trying to create a file from text?

Reference the field description for guidance.

Help article about using file fields in Zaps:

File fields in Zapier refer to the actual file object and have a file icon that looks like a page. To send a file in a Zap, you need to use a file object or certain types of URL links.


@Troy Tessalone I am trying to download a files from Dropbox to then be uploaded to AWS S3. In order to do this, will it generate a new URL link each time there is a new file to be uploaded?

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Check this help article for how to get a Dropbox file direct download link to map into the File field: