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Failed to create an upload file in Amazon S3: Required field "file" (file) is missing.

  • 19 February 2023
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This question seems like it would have been solved before.  Here is the process flow.

  1. setup new zap with two actions - 
    • Upload file in Amazon S3 when new inbound email in Email by Zapier
  2. New Inbound Email by Zapier - Action
    • this is configured and tested successfully
    • configuration required setting up a custom zapier email address and sending an email from the account where the attachment will come from.
  3. Upload file to Amazon S3 - Action
    • Successfully setup a new bucket, IAM policy, Secret/Access Keys
    • Successfully validated access to the bucket from the Action step - Choose Account
    • Setup Action step appears to look good for the fields
      • bucket name: validate-bucket-name
      • key: date("YYYY-MM-DD-HH-mm-ss")}_1. Attachment:No data
      • file: 1. Attachment:No data
      • Mimetype: auto
    • This step appears to be setup correctly
  4. Test Action - This step fails with the following error

    Failed to create an upload file in Amazon S3

    Required field "file" (file) is missing.

    As with the previous email setup step, I did forward an email with an attachment.  However no such luck.  


The error message and resolution path is unclear to me.  Anyone have any pointers? I’d greatly appreciate it.


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2 replies

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And of course, just after posting this I decided to go look at it again.  What I discovered was the first email I sent did not include an attachment.  When I selected the Test Trigger for the email step, the New Inbound Email field indicated there were more than one emails received.  Therefore, the original email I sent without the attachment was selected in the first round of testing.  And as such, with no attachment in that email; the step to send to AWS was not able to find the file attachment in the email as indicated.


This has been resolved.

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Great stuff @odsail! So glad you were able to get to the bottom of what caused that “Required field "file" (file) is missing” error. And thanks so much for sharing your findings here. We really appreciate it! 

Happy Zapping! ⚡