Failed to create an add_package_code in Acuity Scheduling: The app returned the product "1389617" is a subscription

  • 12 May 2023
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Hi all,

Our team is looking for a way to integrate Stripe and Acuity so that we can take payments on Stripe, before creating a code on Acuity for our subscription plan. 

When creating this Zap, we seem to get the following response:


Failed to create an add_package_code in Acuity Scheduling

The app returned "The product "1389617" is a subscription.".


Our Stripe payment is a subscription, billed at the same weekly cycle that our Acuity subscription is. Is anyone able to troubleshoot this?


A quick note: We know that Acuity is able to take subscription payments internally, but the interface is so poor that we continue to lose customers. No Apple Pay support, no ability to change formatting, color schemes, wording, post-confirmation email, no ability to redirect traffic post purchase etc. Stripe is by far the better payment system interface, and we’d like to create a workaround to enhance the customer’s checkout experience.


Thank you all so much.


Here’s a screenshot of the error and zap. The ‘only continue if’ section here is just a filter to match the checkout item with the right subscription package.


We’ve contacted both Acuity support and Zapier support, and have found very little guidance. If anyone knows how to get this done, we’d really appreciate it.




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Hi @ykellis, welcome to the Community! 

It looks like our Support team got back to you with the reason behind that “Failed to create an a subscription” error. Sharing the comments from Support here in case it’s helpful for other folks in Community that are running into the same issue:

“From looking at Acuity's documentation below, it sounds like packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions are three different types of booking code options they have.
With there being three separate designations, it sounds expected that a "package code" would apply only to "packages". 
That noted, I see you've now updated the draft of the Zap to use Add Coupon Code instead:
(view larger)
That test went through without error, so it looks like you should be in good shape now”

So it seems like you’ve got that error sorted now. Great work! 🙌 

Please do feel free to reach out in Community again if you run into any further issues or questions at all! 🙂