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Failed to create a track in The app returned "File is not an mp3 or m4a"

I set up a Zap that is supposed to upload a file to my media library whenever a new file is uploaded to a certain Dropbox folder.

Everything works/validates in the trigger part -- and then, when it gets down to the bottom of the action section, it gives me this error:

Failed to create a track in

The app returned "File is not an mp3 or m4a".

The thing is -- they totally are mp3 files. I’ve tried several files -- and double/triple checked them. At a point (and, I’ve been at this for a couple of hours) I set the Dropbox folder to automate that any file that can be is changed in to being an mp3 upon upload -- and, still no dice.

Kind of going a bit nuts with this.

Can anyone help -- or does anyone have any ideas?


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Hmm @RFM, I certainly understand the frustration with this. I’m glad you stopped through the Community so we can try and work through this together. 

My first request is if you can please add some screenshots of your Zap set up from both your trigger and any actions. With this request, we like to remind you to please omit any sensitive or identifying information upon upload (you can totally just strike a line through or blur it out). 

It sounds like your Zap is on and published and not in the “test” phase, is that correct? If yes, can you please add some screenshots of the data pulled in from your Zap History? If it is just in the test phase, then any screenshots of the data received from the “test” would be fantastic as well. 

Thanks for your response! I managed to figure it out.

On the page -- there is a small discrepancy in the instructions. (Image attached)

In the Action section, the text says “Upload URL: Choose 'Direct Media Link'.” -- but, the screenshot shows that you need to select File: (Exists but not shown). 

Once I made it the File: (Exists but not shown), it started working.


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That’s awesome - way to troubleshoot this on your own. 🎉

Thanks for coming back around to share your solution with us too. Always appreciated. 

Happy zapping! ⚡️