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Failed to create a tag in Mailchimp: Bad Request - Sorry, that tag already exists

  • 28 March 2023
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This relates to automated customer journeys in Mailchimp, using Zapier & Jobber.

I’ve created a trigger in Zapier when a new quote is approved in Jobber.  This seems to be working OK.  However, I’m having trouble with the action.  The action is supposed to create a new tag.  That new tag is then supposed to be an If/Else condition in Mailchimp. But, I keep getting an error message:  Bad Request - Sorry, that tag already exists.  

The If/Else condition in Mailchimp needs the have the same tag as the one being created by the Zapier trigger.  If I make the trigger create an entirely different tag, then the If/Else condition will never be met. I don’t know a good workaround.

I’m just wanting an automated way to send something (via Mailchimp) to a lead once they convert to a customer.  I’m open to any Zapier triggers although I thought an automated tag would be the easiet.


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Hi @Enovana 

Good question.

It may have to do with how you are testing.

Please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured in order for us to have enough context, thanks.

You may want to change the Zap step to use Mailchimp Find/Create Tag.


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You have a static value set for the Tag Name, which is the reason for the error.


If you are trying to add a Tag to a Subscriber to then trigger a Mailchimp Customer Journey automation, then try using one of these Zap actions:


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@Troy Tessalone 


That seems be working.  I really appreciate your input!