Failed to create a send email in Gmail The app returned "Unauthorized".

  • 20 August 2023
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as far as i can tell these is nothing wrong with my apps integrations with gmail and google sheet

could it be because im not using google to auth on login? 

This was working then it stopped for no reason but changing a column or changing my password. 

i cant explain it but the zap keeps alternating from displaying the current actions configurations

and one that is 4 hours hold. I have tried everything I have know idea why this would happen in any situation or this situation. why would zapier not know which version of a zap is the current,? is this the impact of a free account? I would subscribe, but this doesn't instill much confidence. i have spent a day and a half trying everything short  of creating different account

Here’s the latest gas lighting - these merge fields have been changed 20 times. is someone doing this to me? 


I dont get it

this is truly awful



3 replies

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Hi @tnesseth 

Good question.

If you see an “Unauthorized” or “Not authenticated” error in your Zap, this may be due to: Insufficient app account permissions.
Limitations with your app plan. Errors connecting your app account to Zapier.


Check your Gmail Zap app connection here:


Help articles for using Gmail in Zaps:

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please forgive any spelling!!


thanks for responding and thanks for the links, but ive been down all those roads

maybe you can help me go a bit deeper to find the issue. because remember i'm randomly seeing old versions of current zap configurations- like from two days ago.. then i refresh and i see the correct design and then i come back in and full circle. something is not resetting to the current settings. 

connecting your app account to Zapier.

checking my gmail account and zap connection is really just testing the existing or creating another through the google auth process right?  please let me know if im missing any details


a couple other pasted  potential reason and i found those to and im pretty sure ive done what i can.. but

can you help me understand Insufficient app account permissions? what does that mean.  my permissions in zap?

Limitations with your app plan. ok. i do have a free acct. so would these limits extend to a single send gmail action from one of two active apps? ( far under 100 tasks / 2/5 zaps)? im leaning towards no because i had this process working.


 i think it has to do with something moving my account to a email/password zap login from the google auth login. thats when things got weird 





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If you suspect there is an issue after to confirming your Zap app connections are valid, then you can try opening a ticket with Zapier Support.