Failed to create a loop in Dotloop: Select an individual profile

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I am trying to create new loops via jotform integration.

However, when linking my dotloop account, zapier gives me an error when choosing an admin profile. The error says “Failed to create a loop in Dotloop
Select an individual profile”

But I am selecting a profile, I have to use my admin profile so it goes to the right place. When I select “default profile” it creates the loop correctly but since it’s not my admin profile, it does not go to the right place.

Dotloop support offered no help and said since they allow the connection through zapier, the issue is on their end.


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Hi @cpusamarketing 

Perhaps you need to adjust settings in Dotloop:


NOTE: Most Zap apps are created and managed by the app developer using the Zapier Developer Platform.



There are no settings to adjust. I have an admin account, therefore, I have access to all profiles linked to our company. I am unable to use my admin profile in the zap which would be the only way to add loops to our company’s dotloop account. 

If I were to login to my admin profile, I can easily create a new loop that goes to my company’s main dotloop. However, I am unable to do that with the zap. 

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You can try these options: