Failed to create a lead in Salesforce: Could not create record of the "Lead" object: Please provide Email or Phone

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I am looking to integrate Typeform into Salesforce, so when fields are completed in Typeform e.g. first name, last name, postcode, phone number and email address, these are used to create a new lead in Salesforce, that then enters into a campaign we have set up. 

I have mapped a phone number and an email address 


However I get this message

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi @lgale!

The error message that you can see is happening because when the Salesforce action is tested, it can’t see an email address or phone number. 

I can see that you’ve mapped the information from Typeform into the correct fields, the issue is that there’s no information in the fields. The ‘No Data’ next to the field name tells you that the field is empty for the Typeform sample used in the Zap. 


To fix this, we need a Typeform sample with a Phone number and/or an Email address. To ask the Zap to find a new sample, go to the trigger step, go to the Test section and click on the dropdown field for the Entry. You may already have more than one entry in there, in which case click on one of the other entries to see if they have an email address/phone number. If there aren’t any, click the Load more button (highlighted in the image below) to ask the Zap to get more samples from Typeform. 

If this is a new form and you don’t have many (or any) form submissions, complete a test form yourself and include all the information that you Zap might need. When you’ve done that, try pulling in more samples using the Load more button again. 


​I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any questions!

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Thank you so much for this, I am now a lot closer than I was before. I have now managed to create a lead and push a lead over to Salesforce into the campaign which I was unable to do before your help, however when I have gone to try a new lead using Typeform, the lead isn’t pushing into the correct Salesforce campaign.

It’s almost as though I have to manually push leads from Zapier into Salesforce, which I obviously don’t. I want every user that uses the Typeform to enter into the Salesforce campaign. 

I have tried both ways of first creating the trigger to “add lead to campaign in Salesforce when new entry in Typeform”, then the next logical step I thought was to “Add lead to campaign in Salesforce”. Thats finding existing leads and not new leads, so I went about “creating lead in salesforce” as the next step, with the next step to add that created lead into a campaign. Neither route seems to work. Any assistance please?


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Hi there @lgale,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

From what I see, you're on the right track with your workflow. However, you might be able to simplify it by skipping the "Add Lead to Campaign" step. Take a look at your "Create Lead" action – does it have a "Campaign" field? If it does, you can give that field a try instead of adding an additional step.

Hopefully, this helps! 😊