Failed to create a create note in Evernote: Content of submitted note was malformed.

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I’ve been using evernote with outlook for years, but evernote have retired the functionality unless you use an exchange account, which I don’t. I have a google workspace. The evernote clipper for GMAIL is woeful so I thought I’d try Zapier.

If I use “Body Plain” my ZAP works brilliantly - if I use “Body Plain”. Simply label an email, and low and behold the email appears in evernote - even easier than the evernote / outlook integration.

Problem is, if i try to use “Body Html”, I get an error which I can’t work out how to fix. Screen shots attached.

Also a problem, it doesn’t copy across any attachments, even I use the “attachments” field. No error, just no attachments.


Hopefully someone can help.



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HI @pjb2615

The reason that the Evernote New Note action doesnt work when you use the html body is that Evernote has its own unique ‘markup’ (formatting) language. That means it doesn’t use HTML or standard markup. You can learn more about that in Evernote’s article: Understanding the Evernote Markup Language.

Although you can generally use HTML in the Create note action (as it says in the help text), there are certain elements (tags) that Evernote doesn’t like. Do you know if only certain emails cause the “Content of submitted note was malformed” or is it all of them? I’m wondering if we can identify the specific piece of html formatting that Evernote doesn’t like. 


In terms of the attachments. If there’s more than one attachment on the email, Gmail will send them as a Zip file containing all of them, which may be why they’re not being attached to the note. 


If you’d like to add an attachment from a Gmail to the note, you’ll need to use the Gmail New Attachment trigger. That triggers for each attachment on the email, so if you only want certain types of attachments to be added to the note, you’ll need to add a filter step to the Zap so it only adds relevant attachments. In addition, you’ll want to delay the step, so it waits or the note to be created before updating it with the attachments. So, the Zap will look a bit like this:

  1. Gmail - New attachment
  2. Filter - (eg only continue if the attachment is a pdf)
  3. Delay by Zapier - delay for 15 minutes
  4. Evernote -  Find note (find the note that was created from the email)
  5. Evernote - Update note (use the note ID from the from note step to tell Zapier which note to add the attachment to)

That’s quite. a lot of information, so please let us know if you have any questions!

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Thanks - that’s a fantastic help and gives me the starting point to work with. I used to work as a software engineer back in the ‘70s and ‘80s - absolute dinosaur now. Given that I have a starting point I hope I’ll be able to follow the trail find the problem.

I’ll play around with the markup to see if there is a particular markup that causes the problem. All emails I’ve tried it on have failed.

Interestingly, emails from Apple and retained their formatting when using “body plain”.

Thanks also for the tip about attachments. I’ll see how I go.

I’ll get back to you on my success