Failed to create a create expense in QuickBooks Online

  • 5 January 2024
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Hi there, I’m trying to build a very simple automation where I create a new expense in quickbooks each time there is a transaction.

Regardless of how I populate the fields I still get the following message:

Required param missing, nee d to supply the required value for the API: Required parameter Line is missing in the request, Quickbooks Field: Line

I see no “Line Fields” among the ones to populate so not sure how to fix this.

I added two screenshots below, I’ve been trying to populate only the required fields, or putting dummy variables but the creation of the expense always fail.














5 replies

Adding the workflow image just to give you context, my bank is connected to slack. After few reformatting data I should move few data into quickbooks for accounting purposes.


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Hi @Daimon 

Some fields may be conditionally shown/required based on the selection in other fields.


Hi @Troy Tessalone , thanks for the reply.

Okay understood, so is there any specific thing that I can do to make this field appearing or getting the zap to work? Because this field “line” is not appearing and apparently i’m unable to make the action of creating expense in quickbooks work.

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I recommend selecting the different options for the fields and see if other fields become visible/required.

@Daimon Did you get this figured out? I can’t get an expense to create and keep getting different error messages. I think something is wrong on the Zap side as some options and errors don’t correlate with the fields on QBO/Zapier