Failed to create a create_customer in GatherUp: The app returned "Invalid customer phone number"

  • 22 November 2023
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We’ve been trying to connect ServiceTitan to GatherUp so that when we complete a job for a customer in ServiceTitan they will be created as a customer in our GatherUp. It looks like the ServiceTitan trigger is set up correctly since the test went through, but at the GatherUp end I keep getting an error “Failed to create a create_customer in GatherUp.” Can’t figure out how to get the Zap to function all the way through. Any help would be appreciated

5 replies

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Hi @prideservices 

Good question.

We would need to see detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured in order to have enough context.

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This is the flow start to finish. We want customers from ServiceTitan loaded into GatherUp that have completed jobs with an invoice of more than $100. So I started with a trigger of a new invoice greater than $100, only continue if the balance is less than 1 cent meaning that the job has been done and paid for. Then find the costumer contact in ServiceTitan and send it to GatherUp to create a customer there. I hit my first issue on the last test and can’t figure out what to fix to get it through


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FYI: You can use 1 Code step instead of multiple Formatter steps.


You have 2 dynamic variables mapped for each of these fields, which needs to be corrected.

Remove the variables from Step 1.

The output from Step 6 includes a leading/trailing comma, which needs to be removed.

The output from Step 7 includes 2 phone numbers, which needs to be addressed.


This is our first Zap so we’re having some trouble. I’m not sure how to get all those Formatter steps into 1 Code. 


Are the variables in Step 1 not necessary to reach our criteria? We only want the customer info going to GatherUp is they have a competed job of more than $100. 


Comma has been removed on the email address. But I haven’t been able to extract just one phone number. Tried to do a character limit to just 10 digits and it still gave me the same result. 

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We would need to see updated screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured to have true context.


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