Failed to create a copy file in GoogleD Drive: The app returned "Not Found"

 When I upload file 'a' to a Google Drive folder 'A'.
I want to copy file 'a' to a Google Drive folder 'B'.
During the test, it keeps saying that the file is not found. 
(I have uploaded the file to folder A and am testing it).

Is this something that only administrators can do? I wonder if it's because I'm a content manager?
Or is there some other reason?

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Hi there @youngeui,

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It looks like you’re on the right track here. I took a look at your screenshot, and it seems like the only issue I noticed is with the mapped data in the "File" field. Just a heads up, the "File" field expects the File ID. I recommend trying the following:

  1. Add a "Find a File in Google Drive" step in your Zap.
  2. Map the File ID from the "Find a File" step into the "File" field of the "Copy File" action. The File ID should look like this:
    (view larger)

Hopefully, this helps! 😊

can  you check again please

I found the file and mapped the ID correctly, but I get an error in the test

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@youngeui Hmm, this is certainly interesting. Can I ask if you are the owner with full permissions on this document? I’d also like to invite you to take a look at this Common Problems with Google Drive article, as there may be some pertinent information in there for you!