Failed to create a contact tag in ActiveCampaign: The app returned "Contact not found."

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The Zap failed to create a contact tag in ActiveCampaign.

This 400 failure indicates it could be an issue of selecting the wrong field, but I suppose the Calendly email field and the ActiveCampaign email field should match? 


The test contact is in ActiveCampaign, although I suspect a new contact could be added as well? 



Failed to create a contact tag in ActiveCampaign

The app returned "Contact not found".

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Hello @LOBster, welcome to the Community! 👋

Ah yes, we wouldn’t expect IDs to match between the two different apps as they are meant to be unique. But the contact’s email address would likely be the same in both Calendly and ActiveCampaign.

I’d recommend adding a Find Contact (ActiveCampaign) action just before the Add/Remove Tag From Contact (ActiveCampaign) action. That action will allow the Zap to search for the contact by their email address to obtain the correct id. Which you can then use in the Add/Remove Tag From Contact action in the Zap.

Want to try adding that Find Contact action and let us know if that helps to fix the error?

Hi, I added the ‘find contact’ action which tested succesfully.

And this is what I meant with the Contact ID field: ‘1. Invitee Email’ in the ‘add/remove tag from contact’

So no luck unfortunately. 

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So pleased that Find Contact action tested successfully, @LOBster. Great work! 😁

You’re nearly there! It looks like you’ve just got to change the Contact ID field (on the Add/Remove Tag From Contact action) to use the Contact ID field on the Find Contact action. Currently it appears to be still using the Invitee Email field from the Calendly trigger.

It should look more like this:


Can you try selecting the Contact ID field instead and let us know whether that fixes it?